Source code for synbiopython.lab_automation.picklist.Transfer

# pylint: disable=C0103,C0330,C0114,C0115,C0116,C0301

[docs]class TransferError(ValueError): pass
[docs]class Transfer: """Class representing a transfer from a source well to a destination well. :param source_well: A Well object from which to transfer. :param destination_well: A Well object to which to transfer. :param volume: Volume to be transferred, expressed in liters. :param data: A dict containing any useful information about the transfer. This information can be used later e.g. as parameters for the transfer when exporting a picklist. """ def __init__(self, source_well, destination_well, volume, data=None): self.volume = volume self.source_well = source_well self.destination_well = destination_well = data
[docs] def to_plain_string(self): """Return "Transfer {volume}L from {source_well} into {dest_well}".""" return ( "Transfer {self.volume:.02E}L from {} " "{} into " "{} " "{}" ).format(self=self)
[docs] def to_short_string(self): """Return "Transfer {volume}L {source_well} -> {dest_well}".""" return ( "{self.__class__.__name__} {self.volume:.02E}L {self.source_well} -> {self.destination_well}" ).format(self=self)
[docs] def with_new_volume(self, new_volume): """Return a version of the transfer with a new volume.""" return self.__class__( source_well=self.source_well, destination_well=self.destination_well, volume=new_volume,, )
[docs] def apply(self): # error_prefix = "%s error:" % self.to_short_string() if self.source_well.is_empty: raise TransferError("Source well is empty!") # pre-check in both source and destination wells that transfers # are valid if self.volume > self.source_well.volume: raise TransferError( ("Subtraction of %.2e L from %s impossible." " Current volume: %.2e L") % (self.volume, self, self.source_well.volume) ) final_destination_volume = self.destination_well.volume + self.volume if (self.destination_well.capacity is not None) and ( final_destination_volume > self.destination_well.capacity ): raise TransferError( "Transfer of %.2e L from %s to %s brings volume over capacity." % (self.volume, self, self.destination_well) ) # If you arrive here, it means that the transfer is valid, do it. factor = float(self.volume) / self.source_well.volume quantities_transferred = { component: quantity * factor for component, quantity in self.source_well.content.quantities.items() } self.destination_well.add_content(quantities_transferred, volume=self.volume) self.source_well.subtract_content(quantities_transferred, volume=self.volume) if self not in self.destination_well.sources: self.destination_well.sources.append(self)
def __repr__(self): """Return "Transfer {volume}L from {source_well} into {dest_well}".""" return self.to_plain_string()